How To Choose The Right Pick And Place Machine

- Dec 12, 2019-

How to choose the right pick and place machine


Different users have different requirements for SMT placement machines, and their functions and uses are different. For example, the user demand is biased to the mounting speed, or the bias is required to be mounted. When the mounting speed is biased, the mounting accuracy of the placement machine is sacrificed, and vice versa. Which SMT placement machine brand is easy to use is mainly based on which type of placement machine the user needs. Whether the output is large or small, whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic, or manual, the placement speed requires high speed or medium speed.


If there are many orders and a lot of production, it is mass production. The placement speed, performance and stability requirements of the placement machine are very high. For those enterprises and users, it is recommended to choose ETON high-speed placement machine. SMT production line has higher performance and efficiency, and can better meet the needs of enterprises.


If it is produced in small and medium batches, it has high requirements on placement accuracy, performance and stability of the placement machine, and a slight relaxation of the placement speed. For enterprises and users who need these requirements, it is recommended to choose ETON multi-function placement machine and medium-speed placement machine. The performance is good, the placement accuracy is high, all SMD components can be mounted, and the flexibility and efficiency of SMT production line are improved.