How Does The LED Production Line Control The Cost?

- Apr 17, 2018-

"Cost" is an everlasting topic for all manufacturing enterprises. The reasonable cost control of LED production line has become an important means for manufacturers' competition. For enterprises, internal control is an "internal revolution" of the enterprise. After last year's price war, the price of products in all sectors of LED production line has been greatly reduced. How to control the cost of LED production line under the circumstance of price competition?

1. Raw materials are the primary factors to control cost

It is undeniable that the decline of prices is the inevitable stage for the development of the industry. The direct reason for the decrease of prices is the improvement of raw materials.  The output of the most word-of-mouth LED production line should be based on the upstream material, but because the display of the material itself is not obvious, people's attention to the material is easily weakened. Therefore, the emergence of new materials is also aimed at reducing production costs under the premise of ensuring quality level. If we want to control the cost from raw materials, we must select the most suitable materials for design and structure. The new materials used for LED packaging and LED design can not only affect the material itself, but also may appear new packaging form, so as to control the cost effectively.

2. Technical upgrading is the only way to control cost

Packaging can reduce cost and play a decisive role in reducing the cost of the whole enterprise. The quality of the LED production line packaging is going to undertake upstream chips and downstream applications, so its technology can be continuously upgraded. The high cost performance optical engine can integrate the power supply together, which is more convenient for the lamps and lanterns manufacturers to save a certain amount of manpower and makes the price of the power supply and light source cheaper than before, and directly reduces the cost of LED production line.

In a word, the cost of LED production line has become the focus of many supply chain enterprises. Technological innovation can not be used overnight. Therefore, technical reserve is very important. On the other hand, as the market maturity is concerned, a single technology can not be subversive to the market and needs the assistance of other technologies around the LED production line. Technical innovation, strengthening management, improving production efficiency, etc. are all to reduce the cost of LED production line, and many enterprises have also taken cost control as an important strategy for development.