History Of SMT Placement Machine

- Jul 10, 2019-

SMT placement machine: also known as "placement machine", "surface mount technology", in the SMT production line, it is placed in the glue machine or solder paste printing machine, the electronic components are accurately placed through the placement head A device on a PCB pad. Divided into manual and fully automatic two, now the mainstream is mainly automatic placement machine. The early main drive structure of the placement machine can be classified into two types: arch type (Gantry) and turret type (Turret).


Compared with the old-fashioned turret type, the arch type machine structure is relatively simple. The PCB is placed on the fixed workbench, the feeder is fixed, and the patch head is mounted on the arch type X/Y coordinate moving beam, and the feed is picked up by X/Y movement. The components on the device are mounted. This type of placement machine is small in size, has higher placement accuracy and stability, and can be mounted at the same time.


The structure of the turret type is relatively complicated. The PCB is placed on the Table platform, and the XY axis of the Table platform moves. The platform equipped with the feeder continuously moves in the left and right direction of the placement machine, and the feeder equipped with the component to be sucked is moved to the suction position. The PCB runs in the x-y direction, allowing the PCB to be accurately positioned at the specified patch position, while the turret at the core of the placement machine carries the components at multiple points, performing visual inspection during motion and performing rotational correction. The turret-type placement machine is expensive to manufacture, because of its large size, large space and high energy consumption.


The automatic placement machine is a device for automatically and accurately mounting components at high speed and high precision, and is the most critical and complicated device in the whole SMT production. The placement machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. Now, the placement machine has evolved from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering placement machine, and has evolved into a modular and flexible connection.