Features Of High Speed Mounter

- Sep 28, 2019-

                Features of high speed mounter


1. The structure composition of high-speed mounter can adopt any kind of structure.Structure: turret, compound and large parallel, etc.

2. The range of mounting components of high-speed mounter is usually small, and the mounting components are generally from 0.4mm X 0.2mm ~ 24mm X

24mm, the general height of components is 6.5mm.Some high-speed mounting head can only mount the components to 5mm X 5mm, yuan

The height of the parts is only as high as 3mm.Conversely, mounting large components will slow down the mounting speed.

3, the high-speed placement machine installed components of the packaging form can only be usually rolled and bulk packaging, but some high-speed placement machine in the speed

Sacrifice, can accept tube and plate loading.

4. The mounting head of many high-speed mounter can be fully loaded when it is used to absorb, pick up and mount small components, but when it is used to absorb, pick up and mount larger components

Picking up, identifying, calibrating and fitting components will reduce the machine's capacity.

5, the high speed patch machine patch nozzle usually only vacuum nozzle.