Classification Of Led Lights

- Sep 27, 2019-

Classification of led lights


LED lights are a common type of light in lamps. LED lights, light-emitting diodes, are solid-state semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy into visible light. They convert electricity directly into light and are a common form of energy-saving lamps. There are many types of LED lights, including LED outdoor lighting, LED indoor lighting, LED security lighting and LED special lighting.


1. LED indoor lighting: Including LED tube, LED panel, LED bulb, LED flexible strip, LED ceiling lamp, LED table lamp

2. LED outdoor lighting: LED street light, LED tunnel light, LED traffic light, LED guardrail tube, LED flood light, LED underground light, LED lawn light, LED garden light, LED wall washer, LED underwater light, LED fountain light, etc.

3. LED security lighting:LED emergency light, LED explosion-proof light, LED searchlight

4. LED special lighting: LED photosynthetic lighting, LED medical lighting, LED headlights


Different types of lamps have different roles and market prospects, but in general, LED lamps will be the development direction of the future lighting industry.