Application Range Of Mounter

- Aug 27, 2020-

     Application range of mounter


In the production line, it is configured after the dispensing machine or screen printing machine, which is a device to accurately place surface mount components on the PCB solder pad by moving the mount head.Divided into manual and automatic two.In PCBA processing plant, the use of the important characteristics of the mounter have precision, speed, and adaptability, often adaptability is the mounter to adapt to different mounting requirements.

The application range of the mounter is as follows: 1.2. Digital electronics;3. Manufacture of TV;4. Mobile phone product manufacturing;5. Laptop computer manufacturing;6. Network products such as routers and set-top boxes.

The SMT machine is actually a kind of precise industrial robot, which is the synthesis of machine, electricity, light and computer control technology.By absorbing - displacement -ding - placement and other functions, SMC/SMD components can be quickly and accurately mounted to the solder pad position specified by PCB board without damaging components and printed circuit board.