2020 Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition Will Be Held In June To Promote The Development Of Lighting Ecosystem

- May 19, 2020-


Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2020 (Gile) is themed on "breaking the situation and setting up the momentum". Influenced by the recent outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, a series of "breaking the situation" thoughts have also emerged from the industry. This year, Gile has been working with the industry to create opportunities in difficulties, turn adversity into power, and usher in new challenges and opportunities. The exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou from June 9 to 12. It will build a constantly improved lighting ecosystem with global enterprises, supporting the vigorous development of lighting industry and the era of interconnection of everything and people-oriented.

With the development of technology, the role of lighting is no longer limited to lighting space, but also emerging innovative applications. The application of people-oriented lighting technology can affect the emotional atmosphere in the building, business and office space, and the hospital can also improve the health status of patients. In addition, with the economic and environmental factors promoting the development of the Internet City, smart lighting will become an indispensable part of the city in the future, ranging from street lights to general smart home platform. With the continuous expansion of the lighting industry circle, Gile will keep up with the pace of industry development, continue to go deep into various fields of the lighting ecosystem, explore business opportunities and meet procurement needs, and share the latest market information and industrial research.
For the future prospect of the lighting industry, Mr. Hu Zhongshun, general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., said: "the new crown epidemic has attracted the attention of all sectors of the society to healthy life, and the demand for healthy life products has greatly increased. Lighting industry personnel can also make contributions to this, and intensify efforts to research and develop the science of health lighting and special function lighting products. The industry's scientific and technological innovation and research can effectively promote the development of lighting industry to high quality. "

More than 2600 enterprises participated in the exhibition

The new crown epidemic did not stop the determination of illuminators to continue to fight. In June this year, more than 2600 lighting enterprises will gather at the exhibition site to show innovative, green, people-oriented and intelligent lighting solutions. Well known enterprises include:

·Lighting applications, components and electronic components
Anlai, Tonghui Jiashi, Lanjing, bidafor, bilus, Fang dazhikong, Huapu Yongming, Hyde lighting, crystal stage optoelectronics, redik optics, landvance, Yarui optoelectronics, mullinson, Oman, LELAI optoelectronics, shunzhou technology and Wanke

·LED chip, package, module and light engine
Pirui, Addison, lonminas, Guoxing, PEC, Ruifeng, rfsemi and Yimei core

·LED driver, IC integrated driver and controller
Aihua group, Donlim power, Auches, Ying Fei, Rett, Mingwei, Mao Shuo, Paavo, topaz and Vossloh Schwabe

·LED components and packaging materials
Baiyun chemical, Huigu chemical, comett, Xinyue and the same party

·Led detection, testing and production equipment
Wanhua chemical, Yuanyuan, Han laser, Chuangwei and kulisuo, Eton

On site activities stimulate infinite positive energy
Meanwhile, the activity will take "science and technology, health and wisdom" as the main axis to interpret the industry trend in the future. At the same time, the development of intelligent lighting and Internet of things applications has further expanded the scope of lighting ecosystem, turning the industry from the original product-based market to the service and data-based market, and better responding to the increasing demand of Internet of things solution suppliers, software developers, electronic engineers, cloud computing suppliers, etc. The exhibition will invite representatives of the Internet of things industry to attend and participate in the special forum to discuss future business opportunities and new cooperation modes with lighting enterprises.
Mr. Hu finally pointed out that "there are no gullies and ridges in the world that can't be crossed. In the face of the new crown epidemic, the illuminators will continue to keep their original mind and forge ahead in the industry."
In addition to the above exhibitions, the construction technology and lighting exhibition series of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. also includes the Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology and smart home exhibition (gebt) held at the same time with Gile.