SMT Machine Semi-auto /automatic Stencil Printer

SMT Machine Semi-auto /automatic Stencil Printer

SMT printing machine is suitable for solder paste printing of surface assembly components in SMT surface mount technology. Specifically, it is in the SMT electronic mounting process, the use of the mesh plate hole will be electronic fiber material (solder paste, adhesive, etc.) printed on the circuit board of the machine equipment, the purpose is to adhere to the chip electronic components.
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SMT machine semi-auto /automatic stencil printer


Stencil printer,Suitable for medium scale semi-automatic production process, can effectively control the thickness of printing glue, printing glue area and improve production efficiency

A set of steel mesh, simultaneously to achieve printing, positioning, mounting and testing process requirements

Can be customized for different structures and processes, low production cost, strong applicability.

Steel mesh as SMT solder paste printing the most commonly used template, its material is mainly 304 stainless steel steel sheet and FG steel sheet two kinds, the steel mesh processing technology mainly has three kinds: chemical etching, laser cutting, electroforming, and so on, each process because of the processing mode, production cost and process difficulty is different, its precision and price has a great difference.







Platform size

470-750 mm

Template size:


Power Consumption

100 w




PLC&Touch screen

Air press

4-6 kg/㎡

Repeatability precision


Positioning mode

Outside/Reference hole



Packaging & Delivery

Our mode of transportation including water, land and air transportation.You can choose the most suitable way according to your requirements.

Our packing is made of wooden box with vacuum package, and we promise to deliver the goods within four weeks after payment.

After-sale Service

After the completion of the machine, the fuselage shall be protected and wrapped with plastic film to avoid damage caused by collision of goods during export transportation.

We will measure the size of the machine customized by the customer, then customize a wooden box, so that the machine and the size of the wooden box are just right.

After the customization of wooden boxes, we use wooden boxes for export, wooden boxes are strong, suitable for export machinery and other heavy objects, to protect them.

Our products from the production to packaging to transportation, have strict quality control, use high-quality materials, make the best products, so that every customer satisfaction.

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