LED Light Production, E5 Mounting Mode Group Picking And Separate Placing Or Separate Picking And Separate Placing

LED Light Production, E5 Mounting Mode Group Picking And Separate Placing Or Separate Picking And Separate Placing

1. Product Description Apply to the SMT machine, PCB, LED hard light board and LED soft lamp strip etc. Apply to mounting LED 3014/3020/3528/5050/5730 etc. Apply to tube, bulb, strip, lamp, panel, ceiling light, down light, diaplay etc. Mounter speed: 150000~170000CPH Technical Parameter smt...
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Product Details

Our machine is a multi-functional module high-speed laminator, which can connect multiple machines in series to efficiently complete the operation of five machines at the same time.

SMT Mounting Machine, HT-E5 of Multi-funtional module pick and place machine




Multifunctional high speed module pick and place machine, can connect in serried and placing the same PCB on line.

Mounting parts: LED,capacitors,resistors,IC\shaped components,etc.

IPC9850 Capacity: 40000 CPH

Exclusive patented technology:

Electronic feeder feeding system

Vision for the flight identification, Mark correction

Non-stop refueling capabilities

Auto-optimization feature after coordinated generated, etc



Technical parameter

led bulb assembly machine/smt production line 


PCB length width

Max:500*350 mm Min:100*5 0mm

PCB  thickness


PCB Clamping

Adjustable pressure pneumatic.





R&D independently


LED Monitor

Input Device

Keyboard, Mouse

Feeding system

No. of feeders


No. of nozzles

Single module, totally 8

Feeder type

Electronic feeder

Vision System

No. of Camera

2 sets of imported camera

 Vision for the flight identification + MARK correction

Mounting Precision

±0.02mm chip

Mounting Height


Mounting Speed



LED, capacitors, resistors, shaped components, etc(Max:17mm Min:0402)

Components Space



220AC 50HZ

Power Consumption


Operating Environment


Conveyor Transmission

Max Length:500mm

Transmission Speed


Transmission Direction

Single(left→right or right→left)

Transmission Mode

Online drive

Air pressure


Electrical control

Independent research and development by ETON

Motion control card module 2 sets

Independent research and development by ETON

X,Y Axies Driving

Servo motor



About the quality:

Maintenance Period: 1 year.(whole machine, any parts need to be repaired or replaced will be free)

Upgrade the software will be free

Visit customer regularly and gather information.

Provide latest information about technology and equipment.


Company Profile

Company five level managerment policy: sincere  business, focus on R&D, manufacturing intentions, considerate service, customer trust.

"No worries"after sale service concept: the Pearl River Delta region to arrive within 4 hours, day to solve; Guangdong Province 24 hours.

Eton mission: professional, excellent technology, sharing the results.

Eton goal: to create a national brand, build international Chinese enterprise.

Eton purpose: to create value for customers, creating benefits for society.




Q: What is SMT Machine?

This is an LED lamp patch machine using surface mount technology.

Q: Whether the machine's after-sale service is guaranteed?

Each of our machines has a one-year warranty and will regularly visit customers for use.


Q: What are your advantages?

Our company stick to five level management policy: sincere business, focus on R&D, manufacturing intentions, considerate service, customer trust.

Q : Is there any quality guarantee?

We stick to quality first, client-oriented, Continuous improvement!

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you have!

How to contact us ?

Name: Glantine




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