SMT Machine PCB Soldering Machine Reflow Oven

SMT Machine PCB Soldering Machine Reflow Oven

Top lead free reflow oven with ten heating zones Process Single face pasted on Pre-coating paste → patch (manual mounting and automatic mounting) → reflow welding → inspection and electrical testing. Double-sided inf Surface A pre-coating paste → patch (manual mounting and machine automatic...
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       Top lead free reflow oven with ten heating zones



Single face pasted on

Pre-coating paste → patch (manual mounting and automatic mounting) → reflow welding → inspection and electrical testing.

Double-sided inf

Surface A pre-coating paste → patch (manual mounting and machine automatic mounting) → reflow soldering → surface B pre-coating paste → patch (manual mounting and machine automatic mounting) → reflow soldering → inspection and electrical testing.







Heating System

Number of heating zones

Up 10/ bottom 10

Number of cooling zones


Length of heating zones


Heating mode

Hot air

Cooling Mode

Forced air cooling

Exhaust Volume

10m³/min * 2 exhausts






Conveyor System

Max. Width of PCB


Mesh belt width


Transmission Direction

L→R(option: R→L)

Transmission Net Height


Transmission type

Mesh and chain

Range of rail width


Conveyor speed


Auto/manual Lubrication


Fixed rail side

Front rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)

Components high

Top and bottom 25mm









Control system

Power supply

5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60HZ

Total power


Starting power


Normal power consumption


Warming time

20 mins

Temp. setting range

From room temp. To 300℃

Temp. control method

PID close loop control & SSR driving



Net/chain transmission by computer to carry out the whole closed loop control, which can meet different kinds of PCB production at the same time.

With fault sound and light alarm function.

With leakage protector, ensure that the operating personnel and control system security.


Company profile

ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co.,LTD. Main research and development to be produce sale in integral whole automation equipment manufacturers, the main products: SMT solder paste printer, solder paste mixer, SMT feeder, automatic machine, fully automatic machine, automatic suction machine, fully automatic dual track plate, seal parallel transfer machine, high-speed placement machine, can be targeted research and development with SMT production of various kinds of main equipment of non-standard customized production, make production line more intelligent, humane, high-quality, high rty modern intelligent production.To save manpower and improve production efficiency. Your trust is our biggest power.

Since the establishment of the company, take its advanced design experience, management concept and excellent manufacturing technology, combined with many years of research and development experience, and according to the user feedback information, continuous investment in scientific and technological innovation.Make the products of Ming kaisheng more rigorous and novel from appearance to assembly quality, economic and environmental protection, provide a new choice for domestic and foreign industry users.

Integrated design, production, sales, flexible, professional, fast 24-hour response service, under the support of the vast number of old and new users, has developed into a highly competitive SMT equipment industry manufacturing enterprises.


Our Service

1.Your inquiry about our products and price will be replied within 24 hours;

2. Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquires in fluent English;

3.Best products and price to offer;

4.Shortest time to delivery the products ;5.Strict QC before shipping the products;

6.With 1 year warranty !

7.Good packing!


Reflow maintenance system

Maintenance that we have to do after reflow soldering;Otherwise, it is difficult to maintain the service life of the equipment.

1. Daily inspection shall be conducted on all parts, with special attention to the transmission belt, which shall not be stuck or detached

2. When overhauling the machine, turn off the power to prevent electric shock or short circuit

3.The machine must be kept steady and not inclined or unstable

4.In the case of a stop to heating in an individual temperature zone, check that the corresponding fuse is remelted by remelting the paste pre-allocated to the PCB pad


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