Production Assembling Line SMT PCB Reflow Soldering Oven Reflow Oven Machine

Production Assembling Line SMT PCB Reflow Soldering Oven Reflow Oven Machine

Reflow oven/soldering is one of the three main processes in SMT mount process. Reflow soldering is mainly used to weld the installed components of the circuit board, by heating the solder paste to melt the solder paste so that the patch components and the PCB pad fusion welding together, and then through the reflow of the cooling solder paste to cool the element and the pad curing together.
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production assembling line SMT PCB Reflow soldering oven reflow oven machine


A. When the PCB enters the heating zone, the solvent and gas in the solder paste will evaporate. At the same time, the flux in the solder paste will moisten the pads, component ends and pins.

B. when CB enters the insulation zone, make PCB and components get fully preheated, in case PCB suddenly enters the welding high temperature zone and damages PCB and components.

C. When the PCB enters the welding zone, the temperature rises rapidly to make the solder paste melt, and the liquid solder wets, diffuses, diffuses or reflows the solder joints on the pads, component ends and pins of the PCB.

D. CB enters the cooling zone to solidify the solder joint;The reflow soldering is completed.





Heating System

Number of heating zones


Number of cooling zones


Length of heating zones


Heating mode

hot air

Cooling Mode

Force air

Conveyor System

Max. Width of PCB


Mesh belt width


Transmission Direction

L→R(or R→L)

Transmission Net Height


Transmission type

Mesh and chain

Range of rail width


Conveyor speed


Auto/manual Lubrication


Upper hood method


Fixed rail side

Front rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)

Components high

Top and bottom 25mm

Control system

Power supply

5line 3phase 380V 50/60Hz

Total power


Starting power


Normal power consumption


Warming time

About 20 mins

Temp. setting range

Room temperature-300℃

Temp. control method


Temp. control precision


Temp. deviation on PCB


Data storage

Process Data and status storage(80GB)

Nozzle plate

Aluminum Alloy Plate

Abnormal Alarm

Abnormal temperature(extra-high/extra-low temp.)

Board dropped alarm

Tower light:Yellow-warming, Green-normal, Red-abnormal







Computer gray


No.1 The unique advanced long life heating system

The heating system adopt the Swedish nickel heater with efficiency and energy-saving. The peak wave length of the radiation power is 4UM with curved surface reflector to the rising temperature speed, improve the thermal efficiency. And the special forced-air circulation system make PCB and the component heated uniform and eliminate the "shadow effect" completely .

No.2 Smooth and reliable transmission system

The transmission system use STK adjustable speed motor imported from Taiwan matched with the 1:150 turbine reducer can running smooth ,speed range can be arrived at 0-1500mm/min.

No.3 Stable and reliable electrical control system

It adopts imported thermostat control which owns fuzzy control and PID intelligent precision control system.It can fast response the changes in external heat and ensure more temperature balanced by PID intelligent operation and automatic control heating .

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Our packing is made of wooden box with vacuum package, and we promise to deliver the goods within four weeks after payment.

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