High Speed Multi-functional LED Production Line HT-E5S

High Speed Multi-functional LED Production Line HT-E5S

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High Speed Multi-functional LED Production Line HT-E5S

The function of pick and place machine

The placement machine is a device for high-speed, high-precision placement of components, and

 is the most critical and complex device in the entire SMT and production. The placement machine is 

a SMT device that uses patch devices. Now, the placement machine has evolved from an early l

ow-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering placement machine, 

and it is a multi-functional, flexible connection. Modular development.

The purpose is to accurately place the chip components in the corresponding position, and then 

glue them with the previously applied red glue and solder paste, and then pass the reflow soldering 

furnace to fix the chip components on the PCB.

For SMT factory setup,we can do for you:

1.  We provide fulL SMT solution for you
2.  We provide core technology with our equipments
3.  We provide the most professional tech service
4.  We have wealthy experience on SMT factory setup
5.  We can solve any question about SMT

LED Application


With the developement of economic, LED lighting has a big developement. It surrounded people.

Where there is people there is light. So there are big markets on the LED lights. Like commercial 

lighting, home lighting, street lighting etc.

It shows that LED lighting has a very good and big demands. Business on LED lighting is a good 

business to success!

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