The difference between LED mounter and traditional mounter

- Apr 17, 2018-

The LED placement machine mainly needs to meet the lamp bead placement accuracy requirements of 3014, 2835, 3528 and 5050, 5630, 5730. Compared to the traditional placement machine's machining accuracy,

LED placement machine requirements are relatively low. However, the LED placement machine pays more attention to the performance, that is, the stability, speed, operability, and size requirements of the machine operation.

It is required that the LED mounter must have the following design ideas and rigid requirements.

1) The intelligent means is more maturely applied to the LED chip mounter, and various types of sensors with excellent performance can be fully collected during the operation.

According to computer disposal, the stability and reliability of the entire placement process are guaranteed. At the same time as other equipment, it must be based on scientific methods and technical specifications and regularly

LED patch machine for maintenance, such as cleaning the surface and dirt on the surface of the machine and the circuit board, can effectively prevent the internal heat dissipation of the machine due to dust and dirt.

Bad, causing overheating of the device. The LED mounter has good stability to maximize the efficiency of the enterprise and reduce production costs.

2) The speed of the LED mounter must be fast, with a minimum mounting speed of 18 000 points/h.

3) The easy-to-learn user-friendly operation method can greatly shorten the training time of personnel and effectively reduce misoperation in the production process and improve the production efficiency.

Rate and product quality.

4) The LED mounter should be able to mount a PCB with a length of 1 200 mm at least. Because a large part of the LED is to replace the traditional lighting of the light pipe, the length will be greatly increased.

Exceeds the traditional PCB size. In addition to these, in order to ensure that a single LED panel has no color difference, the entire batch of LED lamps to be mounted is required to have the same color temperature BIN ( BIN

Generally speaking, it is the range of some parameters of the LED lamp bead. Different ranges can be represented by different numbers. These parameters include voltage, color temperature, brightness, etc.

So there will be voltage BIN, color temperature BIN, brightness BIN so that you can use BIN to represent the product model).