LED SMT machine ready before starting

- Apr 17, 2018-

1. First of all, we will turn on the power of the LED Mounter according to the SMT equipment safety technical specification.

2. Secondly, we must check whether the vacuum pressure of the placement machine has reached the requirements of the equipment. The vacuum value of the LED placement machine is usually about 5.3 bar.

3, open the LED Mounter servo system.

4. Place the X, Y axis of the LED mounter back to the original position of the source.

5. According to the width of the PCB circuit board, adjust the width of the guide rail of the mounting machine. The width of the guide rail should be larger than the PCB width by 1mm, and ensure that the PCB slides freely on the guide rail.

6, the final setting at the same time installed a good PCB positioning device.

In the LED production workshop, in order to prompt people to pay attention to matters, usually we will set various safety signs on the LED chip mounter equipment and on-site on the production floor. Different colors indicate different meanings.