LED Mounter Vacuum Pump Maintenance and Maintenance

- Apr 17, 2018-

LED Mounter Vacuum Pump Maintenance and Maintenance


● The ambient temperature of the vacuum pump needs to be 7-40°C

● Do not place the placement machine vacuum pump in place of oil, gas, and ash

● Please use the specified voltage and power

● Please set vacuum and pressure of vacuum pump within the range of 670/680

● Do not pump flammable gas with vacuum pump

● Do not place the vacuum pump in direct sunlight

● Please turn off the power before maintenance and repair

2. Fault diagnosis and repair of LED patch machine vacuum pump

1.1 Vacuum or pressure cannot be increased.

(1) Check if the suction paper filter element is covered with dust.

Remedy: Remove the paper filter element. Use a spray gun to blow away the ash layer adhering to the paper filter element. If there is too much oil and gas, replace the filter element.

(2) Check whether foreign objects such as dust, iron chips, and LED elements are inhaled, so that the carbon plate cannot extend out of the blade rotor. Remedy: Open the pump in order to remove foreign objects.

(3) Check if the liquid is sucked into the interior of the pump causing rust inside the pump, causing the carbon plate to not extend beyond the vane rotor. Remedy: Open the pump and remove rust.

(4) Check the carbon plate for wear.

Remedy: Replace the carbon film

1.2 Pump fails to operate

(1) Check if foreign matter is inhaled to rupture the carbon plate, causing the pump to jam.

Remedy: Open the cover and replace the carbon film

(2) Check if the pressure is too high, causing the shaft to rub against other parts.

Remedy: Open the top cover and polish the irregular parts with sandpaper.

(3) Check for Circuit System Failure

Remedy: Ask a professional electrician to repair the circuit system.