LED Mounter Operational Items

- Apr 17, 2018-

The LED mounter is the main producer of lighting product lines and is mainly used to realize the assembly of LED circuit boards. The level of work efficiency is related to the output rate of the entire production line. Therefore, attention must be paid to the problems in the operation to ensure its normal operation.

First, the board operation precautions

1. When the upper plate is in time, place the plate parallel to the track and place it gently on the platform.

2, when the board to ensure that the board is placed on the right angle of the platform. Do not let it go and cause the track to open. Causes the board to get stuck and in the long run it will also cause the track to become a flare.

Second, the machine reported alarm processing


1. If the on-site operator is familiar with the alarm information and knows the clear handling measures and execution results, he/she can confirm the alarm fault information.

2. If the on-site operator is familiar with the alarm information and does not know the specific treatment measures and execution results, the alarm information cannot be confirmed and handled on its own. The alarm information should be protected and immediately notified by the line engineer or technician.

3. If the on-site operator is not familiar with the alarm information, you must not confirm the alarm information on its own. You should protect the alarm information and immediately notify the on-line engineer or technician.


Third, safe operation precautions

1. During the operation or adjustment of the equipment, if an accident occurs, quickly press the emergency stop button or pull down the power switch to stop the equipment immediately.

2. When replacing certain parts, it should be performed under the state of machine suspension. The forced stop button should be locked together (to avoid misoperation by others).

3. When the equipment is protected under normal conditions, the equipment should be operated while the equipment is suspended. In particular, the equipment cannot be shut down. There should be more than one person in the vicinity.

4. The equipment should be used according to the equipment operation procedures.

5, try to avoid direct contact with the skin and flux, use gloves and other things.

6. When turning over the reflow oven, care should be taken to avoid scalding. Wear gloves as well.

7. Open doors and windows of equipment as little as possible so that dust can be effectively sucked away by the ventilation system, adhere to fresh air and clean environment