LED high speed placement machine how to rule out the common fault?

- Apr 17, 2018-

(1) The vacuum negative pressure is to provide enough suction force for the chip mounter to suck the components. When the suction nozzle takes the component, the suction nozzle generates a certain negative pressure and the component is adsorbed on the suction nozzle. Judging whether the suction nozzle suctioning component is abnormal or not, the negative pressure detection method is generally used. If the negative pressure detection value is within the specified range, the placement machine equipment will automatically think that the suction is normal, otherwise, it is considered that the suction is bad. Vacuum suction vacuum components should generally be more than 53.33kPa, in order to ensure that the placement machine suction nozzle for the normal absorption of components. Therefore, in the course of use, we need to constantly check the vacuum negative pressure of the LED high-speed placement machine, and regularly clean the suction nozzle. At the same time, we must pay attention to check the contamination of the vacuum filter core on the placement head. The vacuum filter core is mainly used to filter the air source that reaches the suction nozzle, and the blackened filter element should be replaced to ensure smooth airflow.


(2) Nozzle wear, nozzle deformation, clogging, damage and other factors will also lead to lack of air pressure, components can not suck, therefore, to regularly check the degree of wear of the nozzle, and replace the badly worn nozzle to ensure that the LED The normal operation of the high-speed placement machine.


(3) Effect of feeder, poor feeder feeding (such as damaged feeder gear), material hole is not stuck on the gear of the feeder, there is foreign material under the feeder, the spring wear, pressure Deflection, rust, etc. with cover plates, springs, and other operating mechanisms cause the components to deflect, stand or lose the device. The feeders need to be inspected on a regular basis and the problems found must be dealt with promptly so as not to cause a large amount of waste of the devices.


(4) The effect of sucking height, the ideal suction height of LED high-speed chip mounter is 0.05mm when the suction nozzle touches the surface of the component. If the pressure is too large, the component will be pressed into the feed slot. As a result, the material cannot be sucked up. If the sucking condition of a certain component is not good, the suction height can be adjusted upwards. .


(5) Incoming materials, there are quality problems in the packaging of the chip components produced by some manufacturers. For example, the gap between the perforations is large, the adhesive force between the tape and the plastic film is too large, and the size of the feed trough is too small. Caused by the LED high-speed placement machine components can not get up.